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Visuals by Glenn Patrick | Belizean Graphic Designer / Art  / VbGP Sponsors a Sign Design to Belize Bird Rescue
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VbGP Sponsors a Sign Design to Belize Bird Rescue

My favorite birds are owls, scarlet macaw and parrots! I just love birds!

In 2016 I got to meet Ms. Nikki Buxton of Belize Bird Rescue (BBR) about partnering with her organization to create a design to bring awareness to what they do. Meeting her was an absolute joy! I got to learn about how the organization started and the amazing work they are doing in Belize to help bring awareness to issue we face, especially with parrots, among other birds within Belize.

“Founded in 2004, Belize Bird Rescue (NGO) operates under license and support from the Government of Belize Forest Department, and is Belize’s only multi-species avian rescue and rehabilitation centre.”

The sign is 10ft by 10ft and located at the round-about at the entrance into Belmopan City from the Western Highway. It stand infront of the Guanacaste National Park. The printing was done by Impact Design in Belmopan.

BBR is located in Roaring Creek Village, Cayo.

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