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Live for creativity in all fields possible. My mission is to rid the world of ugly as much as possible. In turn “Saving the world one design at a time”.

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Graphic Design Process

Understanding how VbGP proceed after a job is approved to start

Gather Ideas

Research and gather ideas from client as well as come up with ideas on how to execute inhouse

Design Drafts

Create atleast two (2) design drafts based on what was gathered. Usually takes one (1) to two (2) days. For website from 3 to 5 days.

Send Drafts for Feedback

Client then decides which design to go with or request changes. In the case no direction is liked, we communicate on what new direction to go. *After 3 complete design changes extra charges may apply.

Send Approved Design

Once changes are made and approved the high quality files is packaged and sent to client. Formats sent are JPEG, PNG & PDF.

Happy Client

VbGP is happy when the client is happy...Another day saved!

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